Backpacking Hongkong-Macau : Travel Guide

Travelling abroad is one of my biggest dream eversince I was a kid. I’m a fan of Disney movies and I love watching fairytales. I used to daydream and fantasize my prince charming and what could be my happy ending. And not to mention asking everyone I know if fairies and all those disney characters were true. Isn’t it amazing if all these stories are real and that we’re actually born with a magic wand in hand?

With all these daydream and fantasies, I found myself lost and dawned with amazement in a magical city of Hongkong and Macau. A place with a bustling metropolis endowed with extraordinary beauty. These are truly the happiest place to be.

2 Countries in 4 Days? Possible! And it is absolutely one backpacking adventure for me and my friends! Even if we are all first timer in travelling abroad, still we pulled off an epic and a super unforgettable adventure. Here’s how we used our magic wand and traveled to Hongkong and Macau in 4 Days with a budget of PHP15,000 only.

First, let’s start the Magic in Hongkong.

From Manila to Hongkong International Airport. One of the best airport I’ve seen so far!

Upon arrival, we run into the Immigration counters and presented our passports and arrival cards. (Arrival cards are just free to grab in NAIA. We filled it up inside the plane.) Then grab free MTR and bus route maps at the HK Tourism Section and get an Octopus Card  for HKD150. Octopus card will serve as your pass in riding a bus or MTR, it can also be used in buying anything in 7-11, Circle-K and other selected stores.

While in the airport, look for money changers and exchange currency to HKD.

Achieved! Ready to explore and taste some adventure!
Take A21 bus from the Airport to Tsim Sha Tsui (13th stop w/the airport being the 1st)

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 11.54.28 PMDO FILIPINOS NEED A VISA TO VISIT HK OR MACAU?

If you are traveling for tourism purposes only, Filipino citizens (Philippine passport holders) do not need a visa to visit Hong Kong Macau.

You can simply show up at Hong Kong or Macau airport/ferry terminal, have it checked and the immigration officer will give you a small paper which will serve as your entry pass, this contains the details as to how long you are allowed to stay in the country. Filipinos can usually visit Hong Kong for up to 14 days and Macau for up to 30 days.

Make sure you are able to provide the following — (1) Passport not expiring within 6 months; (2) Evidence that your are visiting for travel/holiday purposes only; (3) Evidence that you are able to fund your stay for the entire duration of your visit.


Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 11.54.28 PMFINDING A PLACE TO STAY

If it’s your first time in Hongkong, finding a cheap and clean place to stay is never a problem. Tsim Sha Tsui area is the best spot to go to hunt guesthouses and hostels who are offering an all year-round cheap accommodations which can also be booked thru and other hotel booking sites.

We stayed in City Plus Hostel located in Mong Kok, Kowloon. Since we are three girls, we shared one room with 3 beds and paid only HKD 110/head/night. I forgot to take a picture of our room but it was good, clean and quiet plus the caretaker is a Filipina so talking to her is easy and we were able to ask for tips during our stay.

The best places to stay in Hong Kong are Hong Kong Central and Kowloon (Tsim Sha TsuiMong KokYau Ma Tei & Jordan).


Hongkong’s transportation is exceptional. When strolling around, MTR system became our bestfriend. It could lead you to anywhere you want just by using a re-loadable octopus card. Buses are also efficient and inexpensive. Here are best places to see which you will surely love and wouldn’t want to miss taking a selfie!

DAY 1: 

  • Stroll Around the area of Tsim Sha Tsui
  • Board the Peak Tram, reach the Sky Terrace & enjoy the view of Victoria Harbor
  • Visit Madamme Tussauds Wax Museum
  • Visit Hongkong Museum of Arts
  • Check out the Avenue of Stars
  • Watch Symphony of Lights
  • Eat Egglette in The Peak

DAY 2: Get out of the City and visit the most famous destinations in Lantau Island

  • Go to Ngong Ping Village
  • Take a closer look at the celebrated Tian Tan “Big Budhha”
  • Visit Po Lin Monastery and taste their best selling breads and butchi’s
  • Visit ladies market in Mongkok

DAY 3: DISNEYLAND (Feel the magic! Enjoy the Fireworks show, Meet and greet with Mickey and friends)

If you still have more time, you may visit Hongkong Oceanpark, this needs one whole day. This is one of the reason why I love to be back to HK soon and spend more time to try more activities.

DAY 4: Ferry to MACAU! The “Las Vegas of Asia”

Macau is a home of casino’s and gigantic hotels. It is approximately 1:45 minutes away from Hong Kong and can be reach through Ferry.

Due to time constraint, we just did a daytour in Macau. But since it is just a small country, a well planned itinerary can cover all best spots in a one day tour.

Most of the hotels offers free shuttle ride from the terminal to their hotel where you can just drop your luggage and have them safekept for HKD10 per bag.

Here are the best spots to visit in Macau:

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 11.54.28 PMWHERE AND WHAT TO EAT IN HONGKONG AND MACAU:

Hongkong offers delectable dim sum good for an empty stomach ready to be filled up. No one should ever miss their authentic dim sum and cantonese cuisine! Along the streets of Tsim Sha Tsui lies a lot of restaurants which offers different variety of foods ranging from HKD30 and up. I just love it so much.Yum Yum!!

Do not ever miss the Beef Jerkey and KFC Tart in Macau! It’s so good for take home.


We bought our Disneyland Tickets in the hotel where we stayed a day before our planned visit. But I highly suggest that you book/purchase it ahead of time through Klook since they offer it at a discount plus it’s less hasstle.

You may also purchase it in the agencies located in Tsim Sha Tsui area.

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 11.54.28 PMDETAILED ITINERARY

Here is a more detailed Itinerary of our 4D/3N Hongkong-Macau adventure with a per head cost done by Kissha Albajera, one of my friend who is also with me during this trip. We only spend less than PHP15,000 excluding Airfare which we only got for PHP3,160.72. I suggest if you have limited time, do what we did. Buy a ticket Manila to Hongkong then Macau to Manila.

Hongkong-Macau 2016 pdf

I hope you find it colorful and helpful. If yes, please do not forget to like and share. And If you have any questions, just leave a comment and I will do my best to answer it.

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19 thoughts on “Backpacking Hongkong-Macau : Travel Guide

  1. Hi, the iterinary is well done made. Thank you. I would definitely follow these tips. This 15k that you have spent is that each pax or for all the 3 of you? I would appreciate your response. Thank you again.. well done!😉


      1. Yes new lang, kakalaunch ko lang last week. Hehe. Thank you thank you!! Will make post nung previous travels ko pa isa-isa. 🙂


      2. me too 🙂 hehe.. Okay lang ba pa follow back ako here? 🙂 I’ll be posting some of my previous travels too..


    1. Sure, Your welcome! We went there last January 2016 and the weather is so cold. Be ready with your coats and jackets especially in macau. If I remember it right it was 2 degrees by then.


  2. Hello, I will be traveling alone in HK for 4D in March. where to buy Disney Tickets and Macau Ferry in advance? Or I can just follow ur exact Iti and there will be no problem in buying tickets at an instant?


    1. Hi Ms. Gen, you can book your Disney tickets in advance in, sometimes it’s way cheaper than to book on the spot. Or you could check with your hotel if they are offering a disney tours which they usually do and check the rate if it’s cheaper. We stayed in City plus hostel in kowloon. Hongkong Disneyland actual rates can be checked online thru google or thru hongkong website as well for comparison. With Macau Ferry tickets, we bought it on the spot in the ferry terminal. You can check the time schedule online. You can also follow my exact itinerary if you want since we hadn’t encountered any problem during our trip. Just make sure you manage your time properly based on your itinerary.


    1. Hi Ms. Mau, as per advice, it’s better to exchange PHP to USD here in Philippines since exchange rate is higher than when you are in Hongkong already.


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