Camaya Coast: Your ultimate weekend getaway!

Reaching Bataan in less than 2 hours? It’s now possible 😍 Kulayan na yan!


Last week was rough! I had a loaded schedule and a bunch of workloads to do. It was stressful and I just wanted to somehow unwind, and maybe go somewhere. On friday I attended a mass at work, during the homily, the priest spoke about handling life and stress. He said, “Don’t stress yourself too much because after 30 years you will never have the same stress you have today and you will look back and just laugh at it.” And so I thought of a place to go this weekend for a little relaxation. One of my friends showed me the Camaya Coast promo and without hesitation I book it. I didn’t have the whole itinerary except on what’s written on their promo page but I took it anyway. And my adventure begin!

They offer day tour promo for only Php 599 per head which already includes round trip ferry ride and Camaya Coast day tour access with free use of benches, rattan lounges and pools. They also offer deals with free meals at PHP 799 per head. Promos can also be bought through Metrodeal. They have two ferries traveling from SM MOA Ferry Terminal to the resort and vv which offers a very accessible and super convenient escape from the crowded city to a relaxing haven.Their ferry is a 145-seater vessel.



And here comes Sunday, it’s time to go. I couldn’t hide my excitement! I went to One Esplanade Terminal in SM Mall of Asia where the ferry was located and I registered at Sun Cruises Booth to get my sticker with seat number and so everything was set! 😍 Actually, it was my first time to ride a ferry going to Bataan, so I was really excited.

While on board, they will let you watch an audio-visual presentation about Camaya Coast and after the presentation will be an onboard games where everyone will have a chance to win a Camaya souvenirs like sun visor, waterproof phone case and many more.

After 1 and 45 minutes (around 2:45PM) we already reached the docking point of Camaya Coast. Amazing! I never imagined reaching Bataan in just less than 2 hours since the normal travel time is around 3-4 hours by land.

Before reaching the shoreline, we have to walk through a pontoon and a wooden hanging bridge.

Be careful bessy. Shake shake muna 🙂

Then at the end we have to register and show the voucher sent via email as a proof of payment and we were issued a camaya coast blue card which will serve as our beep card in entering the resort and can also be used for cashless payments in their resto’s and bars plus you will be entitled for a 10% discount in their F&B’s. The card is also re-loadable and can be used again on your next visit.

It’s conveniently cashless. No need to carry cash around while having fun. It can be re-loadable online through or via self-service reloading stations around the resort.

If you don’t want to take the ferry, you can also reach Camaya Coast by a private vehicle for around 3-4 hours travel time. For directions, please refer to google.


After registering, we went directly to their garden hall where there are lots of rattan lounges to rest (Note: The promo includes free use of their lounges, beach huts and benches, so feel at home 😂😂😂) and listened to their live band.

If you opt to stay overnight, they have hotel rooms available for rent though the price are a bit costly. Their usual rate is PHP8,000 but they could go as low as PHP4,000 on promo periods. For exact rates you can check their site or call them at 09175226292.

Please note that camping tents, hammocks and any other materials for sleeping are not allowed on site.

Source: camayacoast


We had our lunch in their Max’s inspired restaurant which is the Wood Pavillion. Price is a bit expensive but since they don’t allow anyone to bring of foods and drinks inside the resort so there’s no other choice. (P.S. Don’t try to bring one or else it will be confiscated since they have a strict security.) Pancake House and other restaurants and snack bars are also available on site.

Here’s the list of restaurants and snack bars to choose from:

  • Wood Pavilion ( a max’s inspired restaurant)
  • Sand Bar (Offers alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages)
  • BBQ Grill (offers the freshest meat and seafood dishes)
  • Shakeys and Figaro (soon to open)
  • Big Chill (quench your thirst)
  • Potato Corner
  • Snack Bar


After eating and chilling, you are free to do whatever you want! Enjoy the scenic view of the sun, sea and sand while chilling in the beach and listening to their live band. You can also swim or take an instagrammable selfie, flaunt your body in one of their reclining chairs or cabanas or try their super fun activities.
Below are the activities they offer on site:
  • Upon arrival, start your day with the fun games prepared by Camaya’s staff
  • Free 30 mins bike ride. Just leave your ID at the recreation counter.
  • Get wet and wild in their Wacky Waze, the Camaya’s inflatable waterpark.
  • Swim in the beach or in their Infinity pool
  • Jam with their live band
  • Watch and be amazed by their awesome firedancers during the night
  • Watch fireworks display during the night
  • Kayaking (only PHP100 per hour)
  • Banana Boat
  • Basketball
Flaunt bes!!! Haha. Under the sunset ang peg. Ugh!
We did it our way! Biking is super duper fun!
Lovely beach shot.
Are you tired already? Wait there’s more! I was suprised when one of their sand bar staff informed us that there will be a firedance, fireworks and live band at 7PM. Oh yes! Fun isn’t over yet. That Php599 I paid was all worth it ❤️. Their tagline ” Life can be breathtakingly simple” is so good to be true.
I had a chance to sing and jam with the band. (Hahaha! Kapalmuks kahit nung nagsalo ng talent sa pagkanta tulog ako! 😂😂) Plus I really enjoyed the firedance with matching fireworks pa! It was totally great and the performers are world class 👍👏🏻 Bravo! (Of course not to compare with the other firedancers because it was my first time to watch)

The beach, sun and fun is waiting for you! So if you want to book, see details below:
Mobile: 09176226292 / 09175226292

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    1. Great you appreciate it. I hope you will have fun. It’s a nice place for a quick getaway. Check out my other post and please do like my fb page jiejiethetraveler 🙂 Thank you!


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