Anguib Beach Club: A paradise within reach

Find out how this awesome paradise captured my heart ♥


As I hear the Coldplay sing through their heart, playing the tune of Paradise, I can’t help myself but reminisce those times when I was once lost in Cagayan Valley’s paradise.

And dreams of
Oh oh oh oh oh oh-oh-oh
She’d dream of
Oh oh oh oh oh oh-oh-oh-oh

Cagayan Valley was never part of my bucket list before because I never heard about it. But through my work, I found myself sitting in a bus heading to this place and for the first time I felt excited and can’t wait to explore it’s hidden gems.

It took me 12 hours to reach this stunning province. And as I step in each places, I always felt lost. It was such a paradise flaunting its pristine natural beauty and endowment. Despite of it’s ancientness, it is still replete with so much adventure, surprises, breathtaking sceneries, beaches, caves, falls, rivers, rapids, mountains and forests. It is also very rich in culture as it was touched by the colonizers back then.

Cagayan Valley has so much to offer. As in so much! I SWEAR!! But my favorite is this pristine white sand beach which grants me serenity.  A paradise which offers unforgettable vacation. A paradise which wipes away my stress from work and from the long hours of travel. A paradise within reach named Anguib Beach Club. The resort truly captured my heart and gave me the biggest smile as I go back home.

A drone shot of Anguib Beach Club by my friend Nic.

Mapapatalon ka sa saya!




bus-logo-w640 How to get to Anguib Beach?


Anguib Beach Club is one of the unspoiled beaches in the world. It was tagged as “Boracay of the North” because of it’s powdery white sand and clear blue waters just the like beach in Boracay. But I bet that in terms of tranquility, you will love it here the most. Getting to Anguib Beach is around 12-14 hours travel. Ang tagal bes? Yes I know! But don’t worry since the resort will be worth the time travel.

It’s privately owned and the whole resort is divided mainly into 3 parts namely CGAL(Left part when facing the beach), Anguib Beach Club(Center when facing the beach), and the Barias area (Right when facing the beach). These parts of course have different rates but the most developed and beautiful one is the Anguib Beach Club which offers the most unique accommodation which is Glamping. They also offer camping and now they are adding up more overnight accommodations to which they call as “Aming Nayon village”.

Here’s the options on how you can reach the resort from Manila:

Option 1:
Direct Bus : Florida-Sampaloc, Manila – Centro, Sta. Ana Cagayan (PHP750 per head one way) Around 12-14 hours travel time
Tricycle: Centro to Nangaramoan Beach Genevives Inn (Php 300 for 3-4 pax/one way)
10 mins Boat ride : Nangaramoan Beach to Anguib Beach Club or Sta Ana Glamping & Camping Resorts (Php 500 two way for daytour and Php 800 two way for overnight good for 8 pax)

Option 2:
Car/Van : Manila to Centro, Sta Ana Cagayan to Nangaramoan Beach (Park there)

10 mins Boat ride : Nangaramoan Beach to Anguib Beach Club or Sta Ana Glamping & Camping Resorts (Php 500 two way for daytour and Php 800 two way for overnight good for 8 pax)

Option 3:
Air Travel.
Plane: Manila – Tuguegarao (better if you’ll be able to get a promo)
Van: Tuguegarao – Centro, Santa Ana Sta Ana Cagayan Resorts
10 mins Boat ride : Nangaramoan Beach to Anguib Beach Club or Sta Ana Glamping & Camping Resorts (Php 500 two way for daytour and Php 800 two way for overnight good for 8 pax)

If you will be coming from other locations, please refer to Google



school-clipart-school-backpack-clipart What to bring?

Of course bring yourself, extra clothes, gadgets, money, food except for alcoholic beverages and softdrinks which are not allowed on site since the resort has it and the usual to bring stuff, here are some additional things I suggest you to bring:

  • Insect Repellant (the resort all sells)
  • Sunblock
  • For campers, bring beddings for your tent accommodation (You can also rent on site for PHP100/set)
  • Cooking utensils (the resort only rents out gasullete and grillers)


hotel Where to stay?

Anguib Beach Club has undergone on going development since June 2016. They made sure that there are enough accommodations for every guest so more and more huts and cabanas are being added. Below are the options you can choose from:


  • Glamping Tent (Airconditioned) – Regular Rate: PHP3,500/night/up to 4 pax)
  • Camping Tents – PHP 500-3,700/night/couple to 12 pax capacity
  • Aming Nayon 1BR (Airconditioned) – PHP 2,000/night/up to 4 pax ( will be open on holyweek)
  • Aming Nayon Dorm (Fan-type) – PHP 3,000/night/up to 8 pax or PHP400/head ( will be open on holyweek)


  • Cabanas – PHP500/day/up to 6 pax (open by holyweek)
  • Old Nipa hut – PHP500/day/up to 6 pax
  • Big Nipa Hut – PHP800/day/8-10 pax
  • Long house – PHP2,000/day/20-30 pax
  • Parachute Tent – PHP2,000/day/20-30 pax


activities What to do?

The resort offers the following unforgettable and super fun activities to try on:

  • Kayaking P400/tandem/hr
  • Snorkeling: P300/pax/halfday
  • Beach Volleyball: P100/hr (Good for team)
  • Bonfire: P500/kawa rental (only allowed in designated area)
  • Palaui Island Hopping to 3 destinations: P4,000/wholeday/boat rental only (Good for 8 pax)
  • Team Building activities for group (Survival activities) : Php 1,000/no facilitator
  • Pre-nuptial or Pre-debut shoot
  • Wedding Ceremony

Trek to Cape Enganio Lighthouse

Palaui Island Hopping is one of the a must do activities when visiting Cagayan Valley

eat Where to eat?

There is restaurant on site. Food ranges from Php 150 and up.


I could say that this resort is the most romantic place I’ve ever been. They offer romantic set-ups not only for couple but for groups and a much bigger groups like a whole company at a very affordable price.

It really melted my heart. Ang init bes! Nag-aalab na pag-ibig.

Red_Phone_Font-Awesome_svg Contact:



Anguib Beach Club is amazingly created. The resort promotes taking care of the environment thus eco-friendly accommodations were built to help in preserving mother nature. They don’t allow cutting of big trees and bringing home of white sand and sea shells. These simple rules are strictly implemented and we travelers must obey.



upcoming event icon RESORTS UPCOMING EVENTS:

The resort became a site for some big events in the past years like survivor USA season 27th & 28th and many more. And this coming holyweek April 14-15,2017, they will host the 4th Partakan Festival. It’s a motorcycle festival which aims to gather people and promote brotherhood and camaraderie. They will establish different activities where people could join and register for free. Check out the events official facebook page for more details: Partakan Festival





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