Where do broken hearts BOOK?

Here are the best sites to book for flights, hotels, tour packages and many more. They will surely help you plan out your next vacation at a very cheap rate.


Do you love to travel? Are you ready for your next epic adventure? Ready to explore the newest off beaten destinations? Sounds exciting! I can now hear you uttering these words, ” FREEDOM, TGIF, YOLO, AND FINALLY!” Hehe. I feel you! Me too, huhu! I know the feeling of finally having a moment of silence from all stressful things in life. So now, before you go, make sure that you are well prepared, all set and booked for your greatest traventure. I bet you won’t like to get lost in the middle of nowhere instead of you having fun with your friends and strangers just because you missed out planning. Do you? So let’s get started!

Where do broken hearts BOOK? Hahah! Here are the best sites to book for flights, hotels, tour packages and many more. They will surely help you plan out your next vacation at a very cheap rate. And you only need three things though before you proceed:

1. Patience! Yep, you will be needing this as you are about to explore a wide variety of options and these will make you crazy. But as the saying goes “Kapag may tiyaga, may nilaga!” So if you have this, you will end up happy and excited for your next trip.

2. Money or Card. Of course you need this! Especially when it comes to piso fares which needs you to book immediately as in ASAP or else you will miss the deal and end up regretting and locking yourself inside your room on a long weekend. Ouch!

3. Courage! Make sure you are brave enough to push your travel even when you are alone especially when you are so broken. Hahah! And when you do have this, you may now use the caption, “Where do broken hearts go?” Oh c’mon! Hahaha! I feel you!

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 11.54.28 PM If you have three checks on your list then let’s go!

The first on the lists are of course the biggest and the most visited sites who offers piso fares and cheapest promos. It’s Airasia and Cebu Pacific. I always book my flight thru them and they never failed me. Even got my cheapest out of the country trip from them.

For hotels, you may book thru Agoda, Booking.com, and Airbnb. These are all tried and tested and I swear it’s all worth it. If you are willing to stay out of the box or are traveling with a bigger group of people, or looking for a single rooms, or even couches, so it is a good option for solo travelers. Though, better do a research on the places first prior booking as some of these might not fit what you really need or the location may be far from the most visited sites. For your safety, always check and read the reviews well.

You may also book thru these travel agencies/companies who doesn’t only offer flights but also hotels and travel packages.

  1. Asiatravel.com – it’s the Asia’s leading online travel agency who have been awarded as the top grosser for the third time in the annual Philippine Travel Mart. They offer hotels, flights, travel packages and more anywhere in Asia, USA & Canada, Australia, Europe, Mid-East and more. They even offer up to 30% discounts.Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 1.55.45 PM
  2. Skyscanner– it is a free travel search site which provides online comparisons for cheap airfares and promo fares on millions of flights, both domestic and international, cheapest hotels, car hire and holiday dealsit and has been recommended by many local media including: Manila Bulletin, PhilStar, Manila Standard Today, Daily Tribune, Yahoo News, Business World and Telecompaper. And whenever Airasia or Cebupacific offers promos, it will also be reflected here. Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 10.44.25 AM
  3. Klook – This is one my favorite because they offer tours at a very discounted rate plus they provide a less hassle service where in you don’t need to fall in line in any of the attractions anymore as long as you booked your tour thru them. Amazing! Visit their site to discover tours, attractions and activities for your next adventure. Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 8.55.56 PM
  4. Traveloka – I like how this site relates to the current trend. Whenever they offer a promo, they always add a “hugot” caption which affects a lot of viewers. I already used this in booking either a flight or a hotel and it was flawless. They in fact have a superb customer service who would surely facilitate your concern via call or email. Two thumbs up! Better like their page for promo codes and hugot lines. Hehe. Now they are offering 40% discounts on hotels and flights.

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 9.13.38 PM

Note: There are more sites to choose from but I’ve only included the sites which I have proven and tested. Will soon be updating this once I tried the other.

Feel free to leave your comments! Keep sharing ❤

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